Matt Dillahunty, known for his illustrious debates, spouts over 175 thousand YouTube subscribers and has been uploading his events for over 10 years.

During a debate centered on the question: Christianity versus Secular Humanism; Which has the best ethical foundation? One point brought to light by the Christian apologist, Andrew Wilson, was too much for Dillahunty (arguing on the secular humanist side) to handle. After the opening argument from Wilson, Dillahunty exclaims “This man is not serious and I’m leaving…”

Dillahunty in his opening argument of the debate brought up beliefs held by the current United States speaker of the house, Mike Johnson.

Dillahunty asserted that the speaker is homophobic, advocates for conversion therapy, and is against the constitutionality of gay marriage. Dillahunty used speaker Johson as an example of what he saw as an unethical “version” of Christianity.

Wilson took an antagonistic and aggressive tone similar to Dillahunty. In his rebuttal, he stressed that human flourishing needs to be defined. In secular humanism, the only definition is one made by individuals – leading to chaos when a multitude defines morality and ethics subjectively.

Wilson brought up the example of transgenderism as unethical, saying that in secular humanism the world must lie to those who suggest they are not the gender they were born with and instead affirm their delusion.

Dillahunty, who is in a relationship with a so-called transgender woman, looked visibly shaken. This undoubtedly set him over the edge.

Watch the exchange here:

Wilson vs Dillahunty: Christianity vs Secular Humanism

This debate “rage quit” is indicative of our Western culture.

For many in our culture, transgenderism is a profoundly emotional issue, as is sexuality in general. On the one hand, Western secular culture treats sex as a cheap act to do with whoever, whenever you are comfortable. paradoxically, they treat it like a venerated subject to cherish deeply and if challenged will spawn pearl-clutching shrieks about ethics and justify any sort of response no matter how defamatory. Ethics anchored in what? For the secular humanist, the ethical anchor is feeble. The only thing deciding whether something is right or wrong is you, according to that worldview.

How ‘liberating’.

Wilson’s expletive-laden rebuttal was a bit off the mark in tone. His articulated argument, however, was correct. It’s going to take a bold counter-cultural attitude to combat these ideologies. Be confident in truth and lies will expose themselves as such.

We have to wonder, why has our culture abandoned common sense for emotions?
Why have we abandoned God’s design and instead let people settle for their momentary feelings and delusions?

More blogs to come. Know Christ, stay classy, be rational, and seek truth.


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